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Formal Tuition

We teach children and adults how to play guitar, bass, drums in a fun, safe and friendly environment on a 2:1 basis with our trained tutors.

Jam Sessions

Then for the last 15 minutes of the 1 hour session we put your new skills into practice when you perform in a weekly live jam session.


Music school for all students aged 6 and upwards, with a passion for music, nowhere guarantees a better musical experience.


It takes a leap of faith, but we’re keen to show you how great you can be at any instrument. Sign up for a Free, No obligation 1 hr Taster Session.

Guitar Lessons

Our guitar lessons initially teach students how to read TAB – an easy way to learn those essential chords so students can immediately start playing songs and join in with our jam sessions from their first lesson. Our bespoke modular teaching system then progresses onto scales, transposition, blues and rock licks and many other styles and popular techniques to give an all-encompassing experience of guitar playing. By the end of the course you should be a consummate guitar player with a multitude of skills and styles that can be used in a practical setting and will be invaluable for playing solo and in a band.

Bass Guitar Lessons

Bass can be one of the easiest, or most challenging instruments to learn, depending on the aims of the student. Our bespoke bass course has been expertly written and covers many bass guitar techniques such as picking, slap and funk styles as well as more conventional rock and blues styles. A sense of rhythm is very important as a bass player, and integrating with drummers and their contribution to songs is an important part of our teaching method. By the end of your course of bass lessons you can expect to be able to perform at a high standard with other musicians!

Drum Lessons

Drums are one of the most exciting instruments to play and quickly became one of the most popular instruments among students at Livewire Rock Academy. We teach on electronic drum kits (which can be turned down!) and use drum music to teach the students. Drum notation is easier to follow than musical notes and is the best way for students to understand the workings of a drum kit and the part it plays in a live band. From the first lesson students learn basic beats and how hands and feet work together to play a basic rock rhythm. Typically students pick these basic skills up quickly and are then able to join in with the jam sessions.



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